Who is Fourier? A Mathematical Adventure

Second Edition

By Transnational College of LEX
With a new foreword by Dan Rockmore, Chair of the Department of Mathematics at Dartmouth College

Translated from Japanese by Alan Gleason
Second Edition Published 2012, 426 pages, Paperback, Fully Illustrated

ISBN 978-0-9643504-3-4

"Best math book I have ever read!" -RL

"Who is Fourier? tackles a very complex topic in an easy manner. Congratulations on such a fantastic job, it is really awesome!" -ET

Table of Contents and sample pages

The student authors take the reader along on their adventure of discovery, creating an interactive work that gradually moves from the very basics ("What is a right triangle?") to the more complicated mathematics of trigonometry, exponentiation, differentiation, and integration. This is done in a way that is not only easy to understand, but actually fun!

While it is user-friendly enough even for those who are "math phobic," Who is Fourier? has been enjoyed by many people in the math and science fields. The largest percentage of our readers are professors and engineers, with business people and students following closely. It is a must-have for anyone interested in mathematics, physics, engineering, accoustics, or complex science. Over 80,000 copies have sold in Japan and North America since the original publication!

Topics include: Fourier Series; Fourier Coefficients; Discrete Fourier Expansion; the Spectrum of the Voice; Diffentiation; Integration; Projection and Orthogonality; e and i; Euler's Formula; Complex Number Representation of Fourier Series and Fourier Coefficients; the Fourier Transform and Uncertainty of Waves; and the FFT Method.

"An approach to the teaching of elementary Fourier series that is innovative, conceptual and appealingly informal."

--Dr. John Allen Paulos, author of Innumeracy

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