By Hippo Family Club
Translated from Japanese by Elizabeth Victor
Published in 1997
61 pages
, Paperback
ISBN 978-0-9643504-5-8

"Just thinking about it creates a sense of hope, joy, and freshness. I have always had difficulties with language and am intrigued by this approach... Thank you for such an encouraging message." -TD

Anyone who has struggled to learn languages in a classroom, tried in vain to memorize verb conjugations or felt at the mercy of a foreign language dictionary will welcome the revolutionary new approach to language acquisition, more akin to the way we learned our first language, described in Anyone Can Speak 7 Languages! As the authors immerse their families into a sea of language, they discover the fundamental similarities shared by all languages and human beings. Originally published as articles in a major Japanese newspaper, this translation allows English-speakers to learn about LEX Language Project's (formerly Hippo Family Club) unique approach to language. These clubs were formed in Japan in 1981 as part of LEX: the Institute for Language Experience, Experiment and Exchange, an organization that continues to do groundbreaking research into the process of language acquisition.

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