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Applications are accepted each fall for an internship beginning the following September and lasting 11-12 months.

The application deadline for the program is
(postmarked or emailed by 11:59pm EST) December 15.

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Intern Code of Conduct

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Intern Eligibility: Applicants must be between the ages of 18-25 at the time of application. Interns serve as friendship and cultural ambassadors. Applicants should have a strong interest in language learning through LEX language clubs, international exchange, Japanese culture and world cultures, working with people of all ages, and living with host families for one year. Prior knowledge of Japanese is not required, but applicants must be willing to immerse themselves in Japanese and other languages. Previous participation in LEX activities and homestay programs is encouraged, but not required for this position. Members of our exchange partner organizations (4-H, TGE, PIE in Utah, and ERDT) are strongly encouraged to apply. Essential qualities in an applicant include strong communication skills, maturity, flexibility, enthusiasm, and an openness toward all languages and all people. For previous work experience, we look for strong office skills, organizational skills, public speaking skills, writing skills, and experience or potential in counseling and orienting exchange students. The intern experience is closer to an exchange program, with emphasis on human relationships and learning through discovery, rather than a professional work experience in the traditional sense.

This year there are 6 interns in Tokyo - one each from the U.S., Mexico, Korea, Austria, and two from China. It is likely that we will continue to have interns from different countries working together in our Tokyo office.

Job Description:

The interns will act as a cultural and friendship ambassador, an assistant exchange program coordinator, and will actively enjoy and promote LEX language club activities in Japan.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

-Making lots of friends;
-Helping collect and review delegate applications;
-Helping with English interviews for prospective delegates (yearlong);
-Helping send off students to other countries;
-Orienting delegates about North American life, high school life, cultural differences, etc.; -Counseling foreign students in Japan
-Acting as a communication liaison between Japan and the USA/Canada, as well as other countries;
-Participating in preparation meetings, workshops, and orientations;
-Helping write and edit English language documents;
-Giving presentations on North American holidays and culture to elementary and junior high school students;
-Visiting language clubs around Japan as a participant and to help promote our language clubs.

Interns will find that one of the benefits of working for LEX is the great people! Interns work with terrific people, from the staff to language club members and fellows, who will provide a lot of support and encouragement!

See the Job Description and Code of Conduct links for more information.

Making Friends is Key!

I feel I have developed a strong ability to communicate with others both verbally and nonverbally and developed an understanding of just how important communication is.

I have become more aware of my cultural upbringing compared to countries around the world and can recognize the influence of American culture on my personal identity.

I built lifelong relationsihp with so many people and I am really glad I was able to become a member of 2 Japanese families. It taught me a lot about how to work through things with people and problem solve difficult situations.

I have changed in a large number of ways of the course of the year but I think the most obvious being my confidence and renewed sense of self that I wouldn't have realized if I stayed in Boston last year.

My interest in learning other languages has increased by a lot. I live in a Hispanic part of town now and I really love being able to see and hear all the Spanish that I recognize from LEX/Hippo.

It is so important, now more than ever, to be able to be "international-friendly." Meaning, it will help when I am looking for jobs when people see that I was able to spend a year living in Japan and working. It shows that I am a good problem solver, willing to take risks and have experience working in an international setting.

I think the most important thing during this internship is to make lots of friends. It's important for your work and also important for your state of being.


Former LEX Intern